Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to score points with an 8-year-old

If you asked me to explain Pokemon in 100 words or less it would go something like this: errrr...little alien-like creatures with different powers...ahhhh...expensive trading cards that 7-8 year old boys can't get enough of...some cards having lots of power while others not so much...errrr...battling?...hmmmm. How's that? Yes, my understanding of the world of Pokemon is rather deficient. I did learn just a tiny bit more when I went to research this popular yellow guy for my son's birthday cake. For example, did you know that Pikachus' can shoot electric from their cheeks? me neither.

Here's the plan I came up with to use the majority of two round cakes to build Pikachu. The small striped triangle on cake number two is the only piece not used. It can be thrown to any kitchen intruders to keep them at bay while you're decorating the cake.

I decorate our cakes with butter cream icing mainly for the taste even though fondant would probably be easier. This guy is all icing except for the red cheeks and mouth which happen to be strawberry fruit rollups.

The cake ended up being a huge hit with this 7-year-old turned 8. Besides my getting to know that happy little yellow Pikachu better, I even earned a few cool points upping my evolutionary Mom status. Yeah...I'm trying to sound all pokemonish. My apologies to the diehards...I did say "a few" cool points.

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