Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finding JOY

When I entered the scene of a particular yard sale a month or so ago, I almost turned around and walked right back out before doing a thorough investigation of the goods. At first glance, the sale seemed to have an abundance of overpriced Tupperware and plastic novelties. But since I had taken the time to stop the car, I figured I'd at least check out the pile of books on a back table. And that's when I saw it. A small box shoved to the side. I gulped. Vintage scrabble?! My heart skipped a beat. There wasn't a board, but the letters and letter racks were enough for me. With the asking price of 50 cents for the set, I realized that some people value Tupperware, while others prefer vintage letters. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I knew those little blocky letters would be great in a mixed media piece, but I also realized they were cool enough to stand on their own. So I spelled out our name and let them rest on the light switch plate in our entryway. Hubby please stop reading...

(actually they are attached to the wall with a little dab of hot glue. Yes, I was aware that the painter of the house would not be happy with the decision to take a glue gun to the walls, but at least it's not hay or plastic flowers, right? ...anybody see those Trading Spaces episodes??!)

Hubby continue reading...

I also came to the conclusion that my fabric covered studio switch plate could benefit from letter additions so I "attached" more tiles. I love spelling out the obvious.

Less daring I suppose is choosing to display a word on one of those charming, old wooden racks. The X is on its side on purpose. You get it right?!

This also spells what to do when you discover how your wife attached scrabble letters to the walls. XOXO : )


Cynthia said...

That would also put my hub over the edge...he is currently a bit bent out of shape because I am gluing old postcards over the ugly wallpaper in the bathroom...it is hideous. Must be hidden. What better than old black and white postcards?

They put up with a lot, these hubbies of creative women!


MB Shaw said...

Love it!! The letter totally rock and well, what's a little hot glue after all!?!?
Hey, I will be doing the Hyde Park show on Sunday if you are around, come see me :-)

Anke Martin said...

HI June, I can imagine how you felt! Those little treasures hidden somewhere! I love your ideas with the switches!!!! Wish you a great weekend and lot's of fun with the letters!
Smiles, Anke ;)

Josey's mom said...

beautiful (and love the photos!)