Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Houston, we have a show

WOW. what a weekend. I'm settling back into reality after a really, really cool couple of Houston days even though the temp was somewhere around 100 degrees. Red Bull's Art of Can exhibition opened with a VIP bash of more than 1000 at the Houston Galleria. My piece "Night Owl" (pictured above) was lucky enough to be one of 47 pieces selected to be in a show that drew over 500 registrations.

I loved the little artist name badges that matched our pieces. So easy to meet the artist that went with the art. And what a friendly crowd! I had a blast chatting with all of the diverse types this event brought out.

Did you vote? Voting kiosks were at the party and will be around for the run of the show or you can always vote online.

My Chicago friend Asta poses with her fun piece entitled "Houston, We Have a Problem...No Red Bull".

My other Chicago-Art-of-Can-but-lives-in-Austin friend Kathy Beale created the impeccably crafted frog (Riley) who happens to be "Fly Fishing."

I think when the judges kept saying that this was the best AOC yet, they really meant it. I had so many favorites that I couldn't possibly post them all here. Geez...this is tough competition.

Speaking of tough competition, Dale Busta captured second place (again) for "Sojourn". And Dale, if by any chance you're reading, I anxiously await my bee.

Asta and me hanging out with the grand prize winner's piece "Unbridled".

I LOVE the love letter.

Artists after too much red bull or maybe it was this...or how about that photographer?!

The art work moved on up the day after the opening party to this custom designed space in the Houston Galleria (yes a shopping mall). The show runs until July 25th. Any misgivings I ever had about a show in a mall vs. a gallery have been put to rest. This is a first class production all the way. If you're in the area check it out. Otherwise beg Red Bull to keep the exhibitions coming. It's an unbelievable cornucopia of art that undeniably promotes, but better yet recycles while enabling one to expand their vision and appreciation of art.

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