Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Half-price Inspiration

I treated myself. And I'm not talking about the cinnamon streusal muffins (although those are a treat too.) I'm a pretty lucky girl having one of my very favorite stores on the planet less than 4 miles away. This past weekend I spent some time soaking in the color palettes at Anthropologie which makes it a work-related trip ; ). I splurged on that clearance-priced potholder. The nostalgic pattern and color make me want to bake rich, wintry, comfort foods. Potholders CAN make a person happy.

Okay, I didn't make it out with just a potholder. I snagged the last "D" of the clearance fabric letters too. My strong attraction to letter forms has resulted in an extensive collection of "D's" all over my house. Kind of like a "D" I Spy ( blog entry idea...I'm making a mental note.)

The first thing my husband said when he spied yet another D was "you could make that." I know he's right and honestly I thought that too....but honey, did you hear me say CLEARANCE! And I need this D standing around for inspiration. How can you not buy inspiration when it's marked half-price? So upholstered letter forms are now on my (very long) to-do list. Actually I'm proud of myself for making it out for under $20. Daley Dexterity Deserving Dignity (sorry—that came too easy! maybe I should lay off the D's??!)

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